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Compass Concierge will change Selling a Home Forever.

What is Compass Concierge?

Statistics have shown that by doing basic improvements to a home, prior to selling, can dramatically increase your net sales price. Real Estate Agents at Compass in now offer a new service to our sellers called Compass Concierge.

Compass Concierge service offers sellers a tailored plan to update and stage your home for prospective buyers. We will cover the upfront costs associated with home-selling improvements and collect a fee for the services rendered at the time of the property’s closing.

What services are included?

Home Staging
Interior & Exterior Painting
Deep Cleaning
Cosmetic Renovations
Roofing Repair
Pest Control
Electrical Work
Seller-Side Home Inspections + Evaulations
Sewer Lateral Inspections + Remediation
Kitchen Improvements
Bathroom Improvements
Water Heating & Plumbing Repair
Moving Fees
Storage Fees

What if there’s something Your property needs that is not on our list?

If there’s something that’s not on our list above, just ask us. The program is intentionally flexible and our goal with Concierge is to help as many clients as possible.

How does Compass Concierge work?

My team will do a walk-through of your property and come up with a tailored project plan with suggested home improvements and updates to prepare your home for the market. You will then connect with home improvement service providers to start the improvements. You can choose our recommended vendors or feel free to use your own preferred vendors.

What are the costs associated with Compass Concierge?

Compass will invoice you during or after the closing for the total cost of work covered through the program, and nothing more. Compass will pay the upfront cost and you pay us back at closing. Easy. There is no added cost for participating or interest owed to the company.

Who can use the Compass Concierge Service?

The Compass Concierge program is available to all sellers with an Exclusive Listing Agreement with Compass. Properties that are short sales or foreclosures are not eligible for the program. Structural or construction services will not be covered.

Prospective sellers interested in participating in the Compass Concierge program must review and execute the Compass Concierge Service Agreement outlining the program services.

When do I pay for the Service?

When your property closes during the term of the Listing Agreement, Compass Concierge will issue you an invoice reflecting the total cost of services rendered.

Payment for the services will be collected using your preferred payment method at the earlier of (a) at the actual closing of the property or (b) the one-year anniversary of your participating in the program.

What happens if my house does not sell?

In the event your property does not sell or the Listing Agreement is terminated for any reason or no reason (including the property going off market), Compass Concierge will collect any actual costs incurred by the home improvement work performed (within 15 days).

Why is this a big deal?

As of December 2018, to our knowledge, no other full service real estate brokerage in the United States is offering any of their sellers a way to help pay to improve their property for sale. Why should you spend the money up front to clean and stage your home when Compass will front the money for you?

What’s the catch?

There is no catch. We feel the traditional model of selling homes is broken and we want to give homeowners new options. Property owners have been leaving money on the table due to the inability to pay for basic moving, storage, cleaning and staging. Home flippers would come in, buy unrenovated homes for cheap, and make a quick profit. Let’s rewrite the script and put well-deserved profits back into the pockets of home sellers by empowering them with the up front money needed. Our feeling is that this will help more families save for retirement, reinvest their money into another property or sail away into the sunset.

How to get started.

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